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May 20th

SDPA Student Recital - Saturday, May 20th, 2023 1:15PM

Ben Demirovic

Chetan Tierra

Lullaby in C

Diya Rajkotia

Nancy Faber


Ada Reitmayr

Robert Schumann 

Little Study

Aidan Carney

Nancy Faber

Our Detective Agency

Travis Caballero

Nancy Faber

Spanish Caballero

Sasha Aires


Minuet in G

Dorian Swistun

Nancy Faber

Our Detective Agency

Alexa Tan

Robert D. Vandall

Nimble Fingers

Nirvaan Bhattacharya

Nancy Faber

The Milkway

Jackson Brener

Nancy Faber

A Day at the Carnival

Arthur Dobbins

Nancy Faber

Dance of the Irish

Sophia Wong

Nancy Faber

Snake Charmer

Calvin Wolfe

Traditional, arranged by Nancy Faber

The Erie Canal

Aylon Paz

Nancy Faber

Joshua fought the Battle of Jericho

Ava Dobbins

Nancy Faber

Lunar Eclipse

Ari Saberi

Jennifer Eklund


Nancy Faber

Mysterious Ballet

Aasha Bhattacharya

Edvard Grieg

In the Hall of the Mountain King

Ronaldo Zuniga

Frederic Bernard

Peculiar World

Ayelet Aires

Dimitri Kabalevsky


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