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November 18th

SDPA Student Recital - Saturday, November 18th, 2023 10:45AM

Lily Baumwirt

Mauro Giuliani 


Nancy and Randall Faber

Dancing with Frankenstein

Jude Baumwirt

Nancy and Randall Faber

Haunted Mouse

Francesco Molino

Spanish Guitar

Jade Olson

Alan Menken, arranged by Faber

Part of Your World, from Disney's 'The Little Mermaid'

Thomas Katz

Nancy and Randall Faber

Kites in the Sky

Nancy and Randall Faber

Runaway Rabbit

Finn Mark

Nancy and Randall Faber

The Juggler

Parker Barfuss

Nancy and Randall Faber

Sword Dance

Mauro Giuliani 

Italian Children's Game

Claudia Norman

Nancy and Randall Faber

Peter Pan

Elisa Norman

Antonio Vivaldi, arranged by Faber


Alexa Tan

Antonin Dvořák, arranged by Faber

New World Symphony

John Williams, arranged by Faber

Theme from Star Wars

Madeleine Hoang-Kephart

Wynn-Anne Rossi

Machu Pichu

Traditional, Japan arranged by Faber


Claire Pourcho

Kevin Olson 


Tiago Liberal

Johann Sebastian Bach

Prelude in d minor BWV 926

Supriya Constance

William Gillock


Severius Constance

William Gillock


Ryan Foster

Ernesto de Curtis

Come Back to Sorrento

John Williams

Raiders March (from Indiana Jones)

Lochlan Mark

Melody Bober

Sonatina of the High Seas, Mvt. 1

Leela Mehra

Anton Diabelli

Sonatina in F, Op. 168 No. 1, Mvt. III - Rondo

Arianna Gago

Domenico Scarlatti

Sonata Kp. 380, L.23 in E Major

Frédéric François Chopin

Waltz in a minor

Christopher Norton

New Kid

Grace Mao

Felix Mendelssohn

Song Without Words, Op. 19, No. 2

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